Forget-Me-Nots in a Resin Orb by UralNature [x]

This is a contender for my ‘creative trinket’. (I’ll decide by the time my next paycheck comes in.) 

I love how it suspends a moment in time. 

(via monochromenoir)

Attack on Titan - Mikasa

I did my favorite kind of shopping…. I really love matching all the scents i buy so they blend together perfectly ~

Manga: fixing brother and sister relationships since always. #manga #anime #attackontitan #siblings

And this is how I win~


Altamonte Springs, Florida


For my cousin Mickie

Im having fun inking. I missed inktober but what the hell, i can have a mink ~ one is a hooker the other is a fresh zombie girl

Down the rabbit hole ~ this was supposed to be an ‘alice and the white rabbit’ fan piece but it turned to a ‘me and my boyfriend’ doodle

After begging me profusely I finally sat down and redrew my brother’s character ‘Jean the Barbarian’ #doodle #sketch #drawings #ink #original #peekabooga